These photos represent just a sample of the projects Greener Concepts has had the privilege of working on since we started in 2007.

Included in these are images are some of the seven different patios and terraces of the new West Campus Dining Hall at James Madison University. 


"Greener Concepts is a joy to work with. They provide valuable input on product selection and answer questions and relay updates from manufacturers immediately.

The team at Greener Concepts stays on top of things;

they're very hands on and extremely responsive.

They always go above and beyond in helping with projects,

finding solutions, and brainstorming a path forward."  


- Annie K.,  James Madison University

"Having the ability to go through a SWaM vendor is beneficial.

Greener Concepts has been fantastic with purchasing lists I send.

I get a response immediately that they’ve received a list and are working on it.

The team at Greener Concepts is helpful and responsive;

and they meet or exceed expectations with their timeliness in providing quotes.

They are also super flexible and will take extra steps when needed to procure “weird”

items- whether it’s suggesting alternate products or different ways to purchase a product.

I would certainly recommend working with Greener Concepts."


- M.B., Science Museum of Virginia

"Based on my interactions with Greener Concepts, it’s obvious that they care about their clients and providing the best possible service to them.

When I call Greener Concepts, I know my experience is going to be positive;

the Greener Concepts team is friendly, understanding, and easy to work with.

You couldn’t ask for better timing with their responsiveness.

They are efficient and provide quick turnaround times with quotes and orders,

and this is essential for us. I’ve been an assistant coach,

and a big part of the assistant coach’s role is making the head coach’s job easier.

That’s what Greener Concepts is to me, and they make my life easier."


- Randy B., University of Mary Washington